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6.031 note 02

Wubawuba Dubdub

6.031 note 01


This notes is written after I read the classic paper—“MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters”. It aims to summarize my understanding as well as pave the way for my work of finishing MIT6.824 lab1

Moving from Java to Cpp

// TODO: 总览

Refactor My 2021-2022 Goals

After read Book Soft Skills(see my last post), I realized the plan I made before is not satisfying. So I refactor my yearly plan, and post it. The mainly modification is that:

After Read Soft Skills

This blog is mainly for summarize my understanding of the book soft skills the software developer’s life manual. I haven’t finished reading all the chapters, so i left them with mark TODO

DDIA 读书笔记(1) Overview

p1 - p26

DDIA 读书笔记(2) Data Models and Query Languages

p27- 42